63.006 Mint Moth (Pyrausta aurata) nectaring on Petty Spurge at Skircoat Green allotments, Aug. 8th 06. 

63.006 Mint Moth (Pyrausta aurata) resting on a garden Aquilegia, Skircoat Green, June 2nd 2018. This plant was part of what my mum called her "bee border". Everything she planted here was to attract pollinators. She loved to sit outside on the bench watching the insects come and go. Since her passing and the house was sold I doubt the new owners tend the patch with so much care and love.

63.018 Elder Pearl (Anania coronata), one of two to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, Aug. 18th 2018.

63.020 Fenland Pearl (Anania perlucidalis) to MV light at the cafe area at Cromwell Bottom, June 30th 2018. Having run the trap through the night this little beauty was found in the early morning light - a first for Calderdale. It resembled a small Mother of Pearl.

63.025 Small Magpie (Anania hortulata), Carr Hall lane, Stainland, July 7th 2017. A field observation on a shaded dry stone wall and one of the rare instances where I've used the flash for a moth photo.

63.025 Small Magpie (Anania hortulata) netted at dusk in Bankhouse wood, July 21st 2010. 

63.031 Rusty-dot Pearl (Udea ferrugalis), May 14th 2017. It was found dead inside a locally bought cabbage imported from Spain. Not the most exciting find I've ever had inside an imported cabbage but that's another story.........

63.031 Rusty-dot Pearl (Udea ferrugalis), netted at dusk in the garden on Sept. 11th 2019. It was feeding on a patch of Heleniums which I had dead-headed earlier in the year. It's nice to know that it wouldn't have been attracted to the garden at all if I had neglected my gardening duties.

63.033 Pale Straw Pearl (Udea lutealis) at Milner Royd allotments, Aug.1st 05. A field observation. 

63.034 Dusky Pearl (Udea prunalis) nectaring on the garden Verbena bonariensis, July 31st 2017. 

63.034 Dusky Pearl (Udea prunalis), June 30th 2012. Reared from a larva spun up in a raspberry leaf found earlier in the summer at Skircoat Green allotments.

63.038 Mother of Pearl (Pleuroptya ruralis) larva, Bankhouse wood, June 14th 2010. Many Stinging Nettle leaves had folded edges spun together by these larvae.

63.038 Mother of Pearl (Pleuroptya ruralis), Milner Royd allotments, Aug.1st 05. A field observation.

63.046 European Pepper Moth (Duponchelia fovealis), a male on May 11th 2024. It was almost certainly imported with plants and compost bought at a King Cross supermarket and emerged in the terrarium pictured below.

The terrarium housed at a private residence in the Savile Park area. The moth was kindly donated by Winston Plowes who, being an experienced moth-er knew it was something special.

63.046 European Pepper Moth (Duponchelia fovealis), details above. It seems to be just the males that rest with the upturned abdomen.

63.054 Box-tree Moth on Tesco's window near the entrance to the Superstore at Sowerby Bridge on July 31st 2023.
I don't think it's a resident species in the borough just yet so this rather tatty individual is probably a wanderer.

63.057 Garden Pebble at Skircoat Green allotments, June 20th 2018. Captured by day.

63.062 Large Grey (Scoparia subfusca), one of three to MV light at the cafe area, Cromwell Bottom, June 17th 2018. 

63.064 Common Grey (Scoparia ambigualis) to MV light at Turgate Delph, Norland on June 25th 2022. Gen. det. (CS).

63.064 Common Grey (Scoparia ambigualis) to MV light at Brookfoot Loop, July 21st 2012. 

63.066 Meadow Grey (Scoparia pyralella) to MV light at the cafe area at Cromwell Bottom, June 16th 2018.

63.067 Little Grey (Eudonia lacustrata), North Dean wood, July 10th 06. A field observation.

63.073 Ground-moss Grey (Eudonia truncicolella) to MV light at my new place at Luddenden Foot on Aug. 20th 2022.

63.074 Small Grey (Eudonia mercurella), North Dean wood, July 10th 06. A field observation.

63.077 Reed Veneer (Chilo phragmitella), a male to actinic light at the lagoon at Cromwell Bottom on July 9th 2023. 

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