1331 Water Veneer to an actinic trap at the Warden's Cottage, Hardcastle Craggs, July 21st 2017. The larvae feed on submerged pondweeds to a depth of up to two meters and the adult females are aquatic, coming to the surface to mate with the winged males.

1334 Scoparia ambigualis, to MV light, Brookfoot Loop, July 21st 2012. This is the only confident identification I've made for this tricky species.

1338 Dipleurina lacustrata, North Dean wood, July 10th 06. A field observation.

1340 Eudonia truncicolella, Bankhouse wood, July 22nd 2010. Netted at dusk, this is my only record. Quite a large Eudonia species with a wingspan of 22mm.

1344 Eudonia mercurella, North Dean wood, July 10th 06. A field observation.

1356 Garden Pebble, Skircoat Green allotments, May 27th 2012. A crippled moth unable to fly but I suppose they all count. This is my only record.

1361 Mint Moth, Skircoat Green allotments, Aug.12th 06. A field observation on a potato leaf.

1361 Mint Moth, nectaring on Petty Spurge, Skircoat Green allotments, Aug.8th 06. 

1376 Small Magpie, Carr Hall lane, Stainland, July 7th 2017. A field observation on a shaded dry stone wall and one of the rare instances where I've used the flash for a moth photo.

1376 Small Magpie, Bankhouse wood, July 21st 2010. Netted by dusk among a large patch of Common Nettles.

1388 Udea lutealis, Milner Royd allotments, Aug.1st 05. A field observation. A widespread and common species in grasslands and meadows.

1390 Udea prunalis, nectaring on the garden Verbena bonariensis, July 31st 2017. 

1390 Udea prunalis, June 30th 2012. Reared from a larva spun up in a raspberry leaf found earlier in the summer at Skircoat Green allotments.

1405 Mother of Pearl larva, Bankhouse wood, June 14th 2010. Many Stinging Nettle leaves had folded edges spun together by these larvae.

1405 Mother of Pearl, Milner Royd allotments, Aug.1st 05. A field observation.

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