14.002 Daisy Bent-wing (Bucculatrix nigricomella) cocoon on a grass blade in among a sizeable patch of Oxeye Daisies by the towpath at Elland bypass, May 11th 2012. 

14.002 Daisy Bent-wing (Bucculatrix nigricomella) parasitised larva, May 11th 2012. Removed from the above cocoon. 

14.002 Daisy Bent-wing (Bucculatrix nigricomella) to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, June 1st 2019.

14.008 Alder Bent-wing (Buccalatrix cidarella) mine and larva in Common Alder on the Hebble trail, Salterhebble, Sept. 6th 2017.

14.008 Alder Bent-wing (Buccalatrix cidarella) moulting cocoonet, Sept. 7th 2017. After vacating the mine pictured above the larva quickly spun this cocoon to moult in. A couple of days later it emerged and began to graze the lower surface of the leaf (see below).

14.008 Alder Bent-wing (Buccalatrix cidarella)  larva, Sept. 11th 2017, details above. A few days later it was full grown and went on to pupate.

14.008 Alder Bent-wing (Buccalatrix cidarellacocoon with pupa, Mar. 16th 2018, details above. It was over wintered outdoors and now brought inside, hopefully it shouldn't be too long before the adult emerges...famous last words!

14.008 Alder Bent-wing (Buccalatrix cidarellaMay 3rd 2018. SEVEN weeks after bringing the cocoon (pictured above) indoors the adult has finally emerged safe and sound - it even posed quite happily for its photo shoot which makes a nice change from some of these tiny micros.

14.008 Alder Bent-wing (Buccalatrix cidarellamines in Alder, Tag Loop, Oct. 11th 2010.

14.009 Lime Bent-wing (Bucculatrix thoracella) mines (arrowed) in Broad-leaved Lime, the Hebble trail at Salterhebble, Oct. 20th 2010. The mines are narrow and tiny because the larvae soon vacate them to graze externally creating feeding windows.

14.009 Lime Bent-wing (Bucculatrix thoracella) mines (white arrows) and external feeding windows (red arrows). The same leaf as above.

14.009 Lime Bent-wing (Bucculatrix thoracellamine in Common Lime (Tilia x europaea) by the towpath at Brearley Wetlands, Mytholmroyd on Aug. 3rd 2023.

14.009 Lime Bent-wing (Bucculatrix thoracella) pupal cocoon on Common Lime (Tilia x europaea) by the towpath at Brearley Wetlands on Aug. 3rd 2023.

14.009 Lime Bent-wing (Bucculatrix thoracella) pupal cocoon on Aug. 4th 2023, details as above. I was hoping to rear the moth pupa through but on opening it up this parasitic wasp pupa appeared instead.

14.010 Oak Bent-wing (Bucculatrix ulmella) mine in oak, next to the towpath near Elland Bridge, Oct.11th 2010. The mines are very small and easily overlooked but all the more rewarding when you do find them.

14.010 Oak Bent-wing (Bucculatrix ulmella) one of two to light at my new place at Luddenden Foot on June 20th 2023.

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