49.004 Red-barred Tortrix, June 11th 2016. Reared from a larva spun up in Bilberry leaves at North Dean wood in May of that year.

49.008 Cinquefoil Tortrix  (Philedone gerningana), one of two netted by day at Turgate Delph quarry, Norland on July 13th 2022.

49.009 Common Tortrix (Capua vulgananetted by day at Clock Face quarry, Scammonden on June 4th 2022.

49.010 Heath Twist (Philedonides lunana), a male netted by day. It was one of several flying by day at Norland Bilberry slopes on Apr. 16th 2010. The males are unusual for micros in that they have pectinate (feathered) antennae.

49.013 Large Fruit-tree Tortrix - male, one of three to light at the cafe area at Cromwell Bottom NR, June 30th 2018.

49.020 Heather Tortrix (Argyrotaenia ljungiana) at Norland Bilberry Slopes on Apr. 30th 2022. Captured by Anthony Arak by day.

49.022 Brindled Tortrix (Ptycholoma lecheana), final instar larva, May 14th 2014. Found at Scar wood in a Hogweed spinning.

49.022 Brindled Tortrix (Ptycholoma lecheana), May 22nd 2014. Reared from the larva pictured above. Length of pupal stage about 6 days!

49.022 Brindled Tortrix (Ptycholoma lecheana), May 17th 2019. Reared from a larva spun up in oak at Bankhouse wood earlier that month.

49.024 Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix larva, found on cultivated pear at Skircoat Green allotments, May 28th 2010.

49.024 Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix, June 20th 2010. Reared from the larva pictured above. 

49.025 Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix pupa, May 10th 2011. Reared from a larva found on birch at Norland Bilberry slopes that year. 

49.025 Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix, May 16th 2011. Reared from the pupa illustrated above.

49.026 Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix, May 18th 2014. Reared from a larva feeding on Dog Rose at Tag meadow earlier in the month.

49.028 Dark-barred Tortrix (Syndemis musculana), a field observation on the garden Buddleia, May 13th 2011. 

49.029 Large Ivy Tortrix (Lozotaenia forsterana) larva found at Skircoat Green allotments on Apr. 23rd spun up on raspberry. The adult emerged 23 days later.

49.029 Large Ivy Tortrix (Lozotaemia forsterana) at Skircoat Green allotments, June 19th 07. A field observation. 

49.031 Timothy Tortrix, a field observation at a canal-side field near West Vale on July 2nd 06. Particularly common at Copley meadow where it is easily disturbed. A pale species with a distinctive rusty head and shoulders.

49.033 Bilberry Tortrix (Det. Harry Beaumont), Norland Bilberry slopes, June 30th 2010. Netted by day.

49.035 Obscure Tortrix (Clepsis senecionana) at Norland Bilberry slopes, May 4th 2011. Netted by day. A common, Bilberry loving species here during May. Even on fresh adults such as this one there is little patterning other than a few feint lines. 

49.038 Privet Tortrix (Clepsis consimilana), a mating pair on cultivated Ivy in the garden on June 19th 05. Photographed at dusk when a mini swarm regularly gathered around the Ivy. Sadly they are no longer seen since the removal of the Ivy the following year.

49.039 Light Brown Apple Moth larva found on spun leaves of Privet in the garden, Mar. 8th 2014.

49.039 Light Brown Apple Moth female, Mar. 31st 2014. Reared from the larva illustrated above.

49.039 Light Brown Apple Moth male, found in the greenhouse, May 30th 2014. Captured by day. Perhaps the most ubiquitous of all the moths I encountered until the two severe winters of 2009/10 and 2010/11 decimated their numbers.

49.043 Autumnal Shade (Exapate congelatella) resting on a dry-stone wall by Gallows Pole Plantation, Greetland on Oct. 20th 2017. A daytime observation. I thought with the cool, wet weather it would hang around for photos but it was up and away from the off allowing just one record shot. Seems that they do fly on calm afternoons..... 

49.044 Winter Shade (Tortricodes alternella), one of three to MV light at Hardcastle Craggs, Mar. 15th 2014.

49.049 Light Grey Tortrix (Cnephasia incertana) to MV light at Peachy Steve's Mirey Wall farm near Sowerby on June 18th 2022.
Gen. det. (CS). One of around 70 species in the trap for the dozen or so people to view the following morning.

49.050 Grey Tortrix to MV light at Sarah Flood's garden in Luddenden Dean on July 15th 2021. Gen. det. (CS) below.

49.050 Grey Tortrix, a gen. det. of the moth aboveI love the various shapes and patterns of the patches of spines (signum) in the bursa copulatrix.

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