1994 Buff-tip larva, one of several found amongst the leaf litter at Hardcastle Crags on Sept. 15th 2016.

2000 Iron Prominent to MV light at Blake Dean, June 7th 08. 

2006 Lesser Swallow Prominent to MV light at Blake Dean, June 7th 08. 

2008 Coxcombe Prominent to MV light at Blake Dean, June 7th 08. 

2026 Vapourers, a mating pair on Cotoneaster in the garden, Sept.12th 08. After seeing three males circling the cotoneaster it wasn't until photographing one of the males which had landed that I realised there was a female present.

2026 Vapourer (female). Not much more than a furry, egg laden sporran, the female begins to lay the fertilised eggs on the same cocoon she herself had emerged from.

2026 Vapourer eggs, May 8th 2009. The following spring and the batch of eggs begin to hatch.

2026 Vapourer larva, June 13th 09. A five week old larva.

2028 Pale Tussock larva feeding on Silver Birch, Oct.19th 09. Collected by day on Skircoat Green road some days earlier.

2028 Pale Tussock larva rolled up into a defensive posture, Aug.25th 09. Collected by day by the towpath near Copley.

2028 Pale Tussock pupa a few hours before emergence, Apr.12th 2010. Reared from the Skircoat Green larva. Note the fur of the adult moth's abdomen visible as orange bands through the pupal case.

2028 Pale Tussock (female), Apr.12th 2010, the freshly emerged adult.

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