72.019 Buff Ermine, Skircoat Green cutting, June 2nd 2014. Captured by day.

72.020 White Ermine larva, Bradshaw, Oct. 6th 2013. A field observation on Sorrel.

72.020 White Ermine, Copley village, May 29th 2014. A field observation on a garden wall. 

72.022 Muslin Moth captured by day by the towpath at Elland Bridge, Apr. 19th 2010. One of two females found resting on a mill wall. 

72.022 Muslin Moth, underside of the moth pictured above.

72.022 Muslin Moth male, to actinic light at Turgate Delph, Norland on May 29th 2022.

72.024 Ruby Tiger larva, Fall Lane, Sowerby Bridge, Mar. 22nd 2010. Found wandering on a dry stone wall.

72.024 Ruby Tiger pupa, Apr.8th 2010. After bringing the above larva indoors, it spun up overnight on the nylon which was securing the top of the rearing pot. After gently cutting open the cocoon some days later, the pupa and shed larval skin are revealed.

72.024 Ruby Tiger on Apr. 15th 2010. Reared from the larva pictured above.

72.024 Ruby Tiger cocoon spun on Heather at Midgley moor on Mar. 29th 2022.

72.024 Ruby Tiger cocoon as pictured above, opened up to reveal the pupa and shed larval skin around the base. It was taken home to rear through.

72.031 Cinnabar larva on Ragwort, Copley meadow, July 30th 2012. A field observation.

72.031 Cinnabar by the towpath at Elland Bridge, May 15th 2014. A field observation of a freshly emerged moth.

72.031 Cinnabar, North Dean meadow, June 14th 06. The early morning dew has yet to evaporate.

72.036 Muslin Footman to actinic light at Derby Delph, Norland on July 13th 2022. One of around five that morning.

72.036 Muslin Footman to MV light at Cock Hill farm near Cragg Vale on July 9th 2022. One of two that night.

72.043 Buff Footman, one of 6 to MV light at Holling Hall, Hardcastle Crags on July 27th 2022.

72.044 Dingy Footman nectaring on Ragwort, Tag meadow, Cromwell Bottom, July 25th 2017. 

72.045 Common Footman larva collected from North Dean top, Greetland on May 8th 2014. Sometimes there can be dozens present sunning themselves on the dry stone boundary wall.

72.045 Common Footman June 2nd 2014. Reared from the larva pictured above.

72.045 Common Footman larva spinning a cocoon, May 8th 2009. Incorporating pieces of grit for camouflage and protection. Originally found at N.Dean top the previous month.

72.045 Common Footman feeding on the garden Marjoram on July 27th 2021.

72.046 Scarce Footman to MV light at Turgate Delph, Norland on July 17th 2022.

72.046 Scarce Footman details as above. Wings wrapped tightly around its body and a full orange collar.

72.053 Fan-foot netted at dusk at Bankhouse wood, July 7th 2010. One of two individuals netted during the month at this site.

72.053 Fan-foot nectaring on the garden Buddleia, July 30th 2017.

72.055 Small Fan-foot, a daytime observation on Bramble at North Dean wood, July 5th 05.

72.061 Pinion-streaked Snout, netted at dusk at Bankhouse wood, July 21st 2010. Very similar to some Pyralid moths and surely overlooked by those not used to recording micros.

72.063 Blackneck  to MV light at the Cabin, Cromwell Bottom, June 30th 2018.

72.069 Beautiful Hook-tip to light at the cabin at Cromwell Bottom, June 26th 2021. My first and only one and what a perfect specimen.

72.078 Red Underwing, one of two roosting on Crowther Bridge by day at Cromwell Bottom NR, Aug. 8th 2019. It did gently poke it with a stick to see if it would reveal it's striking underwings but it just took flight and landed in pretty much the same spot - hindwings still covered!

72.084 Mother Shipton at North Loop, Cromwell Bottom, May 16th 2019. Typically skittish and landing in dense vegetation made for difficult photography but the "old hag's" face can easily be seen. There was another on Tag meadow earlier in the day.

72.084 Mother Shipton at Tag Loop, Cromwell Bottom, June 6th 2019. Another skittish one which at least had the decency to land in the open.

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