NOCTUIDS: 1 - 53

73.001 Spectacle to MV light at Mirey Wall farm near Sowerby on June 24th 2022.

73.001 Spectacle, same moth as above. Like everyone else I couldn't resist the head-on "spectacled" shot. 
The spectacles even have pale scales to mimic the highlights in the eyes.

73.012 Burnished Brass netted at dusk in Bankhouse wood on July 13th 2010. The complete cross-band makes this of the form - aurea.
73.012 Burnished Brass, a daytime observation at Copley meadow, July 5th 2017. This is the form - juncta, with the broken cross-band.
73.015 Silver Y resting on the garden fence by day, Oct. 2nd 06.
73.015 Silver Y nectaring on Campanulas at dusk on June 19th 06. This was my first attempt at night time moth photography - I was quite excited with the result and what future possibilities it might open up.
73.016 Beautiful Golden Y, a field observation at North Dean meadow, June 20th 05.

73.017 Plain Golden Y, one of four to MV light at Mirey Wall farm, Sowerby on July 10th 2021. This one's vibrating its wings ready for take off.

73.017 Plain Golden Y  to MV light at my new place at Luddenden Foot on July 20th 2022.

73.018 Gold Spangle to MV light at Hollas Lane nature reserve on July 24th 2021.
The largely dull, plain wings just emphasise that stunning gold streak.

73.021 Scarce Silver Y to actinic light at Turgate Delph, Norland on July 13th 2022. One of around seven that morning.

73.021 Scarce Silver Y to actinic light at Turgate Delph, Norland on July 13th 2022.
Anthony warned me this was a camera shy species, and true to form an exposure of 1/400 of a second was needed to just about freeze its vibrating wings.

73.022  Gold Spot to MV light at Gauxholme, Todmorden on July 31st 2021. Seen at one of Cath Baker's moth breakfasts. Anthony Arak provided the transport and a delicious curry and Cath provided the beautiful location and a trap full of moths - what better way to spend the day!

73.022 Gold Spot - same moth as above.

73.023 Lempke's Gold Spot, one of three to MV light at Mirey Wall farm, Sowerby on July 10th 2021. A stunning moth with metallic spots seen in the correct light, this photo doesn't really do justice.

73.024 Marbled White Spot  to MV light at Barkisland on June 18th 2022.

73.036 Alder Moth to MV light at North Loop, Cromwell Bottom on June 11th 2023.
It was resting in the grass by the trap and would have made a nice photo had it not been as bald as a coot!
73.038 Grey Dagger larva, Skircoat Green allotments, Oct. 12th 2010. Found by day on the shed door.
73.038 Grey Dagger at Skircoat Green allotments, Aug. 23rd 08. A daytime observation. Gen. det. (CS).

73.039 Sycamore  to MV light at Hollas Lane nature reserve on July 24th 2021. Just one species out of 117 seen that night, it was such a good session that even a Gatekeeper butterfly entered the trap!

73.040 Miller at  Dudwell Lane, June 18th 2011. A field observation on a dry stone wall. 

73.042 Light Knot Grass to an Actinic trap on Norland moor top on May 6th 2022. What a fantasticly jagged crossline!
This is an "intermediate" form somewhere between the light and dark ones.

73.042 Light Knot Grass to MV light at Turgate Delph, Norland on May 6th 2022.

73.045 Knot Grass larva feeding on Sorrel, Sept. 24th 2012. Found by Steve Blacksmith on a Halifax Scientific Society walk to Soil Hill earlier that month; he collected it for rearing. 

73.045 Knot Grass  to MV light at Turgate Delph quarry, Norland on May 29th 2022.

73.046 Poplar Grey to MV light at North Loop, Cromwell Bottom on July 9th 2023.

73.048 Small Yellow Underwing at Copley meadow, Apr. 30th 2019. Recorded for a second successive year here suggesting they have a tiny, resident population. Too flighty in the warm sunshine for a detailed, close-up shot.

73.048 Small Yellow Underwing at Tag meadow, Cromwell Bottom, May 16th 2019. Having seen them a few times now they still look like over-sized Mint Moths to me.

73.048 Small Yellow Underwing at North Loop, Cromwell Bottom, May 16th 2023.
One of several there in decidely breezy and cold conditions. So much so they often refused to fly, allowing for exceedingly close photographic opportunities for a change.
73.053 A shark species presumed to be a  Chamomile Shark in the garden on June 19th 2012. Resting on my outdoor thermometer. Not much to go on with this worn specimen other than a forewing length of 21mm.

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