NOCTUIDS: 1 - 113

73.012 Burnished Brass, Bankhouse wood, July 13th 2010. Netted at dusk. The complete cross-band makes this of the form - aurea.
73.012 Burnished Brass, Copley meadow, July 5th 2017. A daytime observation.
This of the form - juncta, with the broken cross-band.
73.015 Silver Y resting on the garden fence by day, Oct. 2nd 06.
73.015 Silver Y nectaring on Campanulas at dusk on June 19th 06. This was my first attempt at night time moth photography - I was quite excited with the result and what future possibilities it might open up.
73.016 Beautiful Golden Y  at North Dean meadow, June 20th 05. A daytime observation.
73.038 Grey Dagger larva, Skircoat Green allotments, Oct.12th 2010. Found by day on the shed door.
 73.038 Grey Dagger at Skircoat Green allotments, Aug. 23rd 08. A daytime observation.

73.040 Miller at  Dudwell Lane, June 18th 2011. A field observation on a dry stone wall. 
73.045 Knot Grass larva feeding on Sorrel, Sept.24th 2012. Found by Steve Blacksmith on a Halifax Scientific Society walk to Soil Hill earlier that month; he collected it for rearing.
73.048 Small Yellow Underwing, one of two at Copley meadow flying in the warm sunshine, June 3rd 2018. Easily overlooked these were spotted by Andy Cockroft who had the useful experience of seeing these before.
73.053 A shark species presumed to be a  Chamomile Shark in the garden on June 19th 2012. Resting on my outdoor thermometer. Not much to go on with this worn specimen other than a forewing length of 21mm. 

73.062 Copper Underwing nectaring on the garden Buddleia, Aug. 1st 2017.
73.063 Svennson's Copper Underwing larva, found wandering on a garden wall at Skircoat Green, June 8th 2010.
73.063 Svennson's Copper Underwing (top) and Common Rustic agg. in the garden, July 26th 06. Feeding on sugar at dusk. 

73.069 Early Grey New Lane, Apr.20th 2014. A field observation typically resting by day on a wall.

73.074 Bordered Straw, the garden, Aug.25th 06. Nectaring on Buddleia at dusk. This is my only record and another rare immigrant to Calderdale. 
73.076 Scarce Bordered Straw, the garden, Sept.1st 06. Photographed at dusk on Buddleia. This is my only record of this a rare immigrant to Calderdale. It makes me wonder which country it hatched out in.
73.084 Marbled Beauty resting on the house wall, July 16th 2012.
73.092 Mottled Rustic to MV light at the cabin at Cromwell Bottom, June 30th 2018.
73.096 Uncertain larva found at Skircoat Green allotments in April 2018. It was found on Groundsel but accepted Dandelion in captivity.
73.096 Uncertain May 26th 2018. Reared from the larva pictured below.
73.100 Silky Wainscot to MV light at the cabin at Cromwell Bottom, July 15th 2018.
73.107 Old Lady found dead on the towpath above Elland Bridge, Aug. 14th 2018. Probably either trodden on or squashed by a passing cyclist.
 73.107 Old Lady, a close-up of the above moth showing it's extruded claspers which makes this a male.
73.113 Angle Shades at New Lane, Apr. 20th 2007. A daytime observation.
 73.113 Angle Shades at Elland Bridge, Apr. 24th 05. I hardly dare admit that I originally thought it was a Lime Hawkmoth. In my defence it was a lovely fresh, pink and green moth with it's wings outspread rather than crumpled as usual - and it was my first full year mothing!

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