35.010 Vetch Sober (Aproaerema anthyllidellanetted at dusk at North Loop, Cromwell Bottom, July 25th 2017. Another came to light there in 2018 suggesting a resident population.

35.011 Poplar Sober (Anacampsis populella), June 22nd 2010. One of two reared from larvae found spun up in Goat Willow near Hollas Bridge earlier in the summer.

35.011 Poplar Sober (Anacampsis populella), found by day at the cabin woods, Cromwell Bottom, Aug. 30th 2019.
Gen. Det. (CS) - see below.

35.011 Poplar Sober (Anacampsis populella) - the genetalia preparation of the moth pictured above.

35.012 Birch Sober (Anacampsis blattariella), North Dean meadow, July 12th 06. A field observation on mature birch. One also reared from birch at this site.

35.017 Heather Sober (Neofaculta ericetella) larva, Mar. 11th 2010. Swept from Heather on Norland moor a few days earlier.

35.017 Heather Sober (Neofaculta ericetellaMay 14th 2010. Reared from the larva pictured above.

35.028 Gorse Crest (Brachmia blandella), North Dean meadow, July 12th 06. A field observation. Another record came from North Dean wood itself despite there being no Gorse around for quite a distance.

35.038 House Neb (Bryotropha domestica) feeding on sugar at night in the garden on Aug. 5th 06.

35.038 House Neb (Bryotropha domestica) on my bedroom window at Luddenden Foot on July 22nd 2022.

35.040 Cinerous Neb (Bryotropha terrella) netted at dusk at Widdop reservoir on June 22nd 2018.

35.040 Cinerous Neb (Bryotropha terrella), found on the driveway, June 29th 2014. 

35.046 Dull Red Neb (Brytropha senectella) netted after dusk in the garden on Aug. 1st 2019. It wasn't really worth photographing the whole moth as it was pretty worn and they don't look all that different from other closely related species even when they're fresh so here's a head shot showing the diagnostic pale palps and head sides with the darker head centre.

35.047 Dark Neb (Bryotropha affinis) found indoors, June 6th 06. 

35.049 Obscure Neb (Bryotropha similis) to MV light at Cock Hill farm near Cragg Vale on June 16th 2022. Gen. det. (CS).

35.058 Meadow Neb (Metzneria metzneriella), May 17th 2011. The only moth that emerged from around 30 or so Common Knapweed seed heads collected from Tag meadow on Feb. 19th 2011.

35.058 Meadow Neb (Metzneria metzneriella) to MV light at Turgate Delph, Norland on June 17th 2022.

35.107 Humped Groundling (Psoricoptera gibbosella), June 22nd 2014. Reared from a larva found spun up in oak at Copley meadow on May 29th 2014. County records suggest that this may be the first time the early stages have been found in the region. An unusual looking moth with four pairs of scale tufts and scaly palps.
35.132 Mouse-ear Groundling (Caryocolum fraternella) to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, July 21st 2018.

35.146 Large Groundling (Teleiopsis diffinis), a worn male to MV light at Norland moor on Sept. 11th 2021. Gen. det. (CS). The trapping event was organised by Anthony Arak pictured below, searching around the trap for moths which failed to enter the trap and rested in nearby vegetation instead.

35.148 Elm Groundling (Carpatolechia fugivitella) male to MV light at the cabin at Cromwell Bottom, Aug. 24th 2019. Gen. Det. (CS).

35.148 Elm Groundling (Carpatolechia fugivitella) to MV light at my new place at Luddenden foot on July 20th 2022.

35.159 Pine Groundling (Exoteleia dodecella) on July 7th 2022. One of two to MV light close to conifers near Scammonden Dam on July 2nd 2022. Trapped by Anthony Arak.
Gen. det. (CS).

35.160 Black-dotted Groundling (Stenolechia gemmella) resting on oak at Exley Bank wood, Sept. 11th 2018. It was doing a good impression of a much prized bagworm case.

 35.160 Black-dotted Groundling (Stenolechia gemmella) after capture - details as above.

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