1.004 White-barred Gold (Micropterix aruncella),  North Dean meadow, June 23rd 06. A field observation on bramble.

1.004 White-barred Gold (Micropterix aruncella),  North Dean meadow, May 26th 05. A field observation on a grass blade. These are tiny, day flying moths with functioning jaws enabling them to eat pollen.

1.004 White-barred Gold (Micropterix aruncella), Copley meadow, June 3rd 2018. A daytime observation on bramble. It's only the males that have the white cross lines and streaks.

1.004 White-barred Gold (Micropterix aruncella) female, North Dean wood, June 21st 07. A field observation on bramble. Originally identified as M. calthella, I think this is a female aruncella which lacks the more extensive, purple base to the forewings of calthella.

1.004 White-barred Gold (Micropterix aruncella) female on Bramble, North Dean wood, June 5th 07.

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