636 Denisia similella, Carr Hall lane, Stainland, June 7th 2017. A field observation.
One other record from North Dean wood on June 10th 09.

640 Batia lunaris, one of two to MV light, Brookfoot Loop, July 21st 2012. Forewing 5mm. This is my only record.

644 Barkhausenia fuscescens in the garden, Aug.7th 2010. Captured by day. I usually see one or two per year. This is a smaller version of the Brown House Moth with a wingspan of around 10mm.

648 White-shouldered House Moth May 9th 2014. One of three reared (so far) from old birds' nests collected from Cromwell Botton LNR the previous December.

648 White-shouldered House Moth in the garden, Sept.17th 06. Photographed at dusk feeding on a wine rope. One of my very few successes using this method, the notable exception being a Vestal five days earlier.

649 Esperia sulphurella, by the towpath at Elland, May 3rd 05. A field observation. A small group were seen flying over some old lock gates that had been left on the side of the towpath by British Waterways. The larvae feed on dead wood hence the attraction of the moths to the old lock gates.

649 Esperia sulphurella, Skircoat Green allotments, Apr.29th 2014, captured by day. Every year I get one or two either buzzing around the log pile on the plot or becoming trapped in the adjacent water butt. 

654 Pleurota bicostella, June 14th 2014. Not one of my finds but one of Andy Cockroft's who captured it the previous day near Withens clough. He kindly dropped it off for me to have a look and take some photos.

654 Pleurota bicostella, June 14th 2014. Same moth as above with some close-up detail of the enormous labial palps with the last segment erect and bristle-like.

656 Tachystola acroxantha, Skircoat Green allotments (floating in the water tub), June 25th 2012. A worn specimen but still showing quite a few pinkish/brown scales on the forewing, a concave termen and some reddish colouring to the fringe on outer third of the costa. This is my only record of this recent addition to the Yorkshire list.

656 Tachystola acroxantha, rescued from the garden water tub, Aug. 9th 2016. This once rare species is gradually gaining a foothold in Calderdale with multiple sighting each year.

656 Tachystola acroxantha, July 19th 2014. After news of a possible second moth turning up locally I headed off to Sean Johnston's place in the Heath area of Halifax to investigate. He runs a MV trap surrounded by large gardens containing plenty of mature trees and regularly gets decent hauls which last night included this rather fresh looking specimen of T.acroxantha.

658 Carcina quercana larva and feeding signs on Hawthorn, New Lane, May 8th 09.

658 Carcina quercana, June 30th 2014. Reared from a larva found on oak in Long wood earlier in the month.

663 Diurnea fagella, (female), North Dean wood, Apr.21st 09. A field observation on a fence post. The female has quite stunted wings and is only capable of (weak?) flight.

672 Parsnip Moth larva on Wild Parsnip at Walton Street car park, Sowerby Bridge, July 28th 2014. There were several plants present all of which had larvae feeding on them. Most had had their flower heads eaten off leaving behind many stalks with larval spinnings at the end. Thanks to botanist Peachy Steve for originally finding them.

672 Parsnip Moth larva close-up. Details as above.

672 Parsnip Moth larva sealing the tunnnel entance, July 29th 2014. Knowing that these larvae would need an umbellifer stem to tunnel in to to pupate I had the foresight to take a Hogweed stem home and place a short section in with each of the feeding larvae. By day two all had fed up and had started to chew their way in to the Hogweed stem and began to seal the entrances with chewed pith and a light silk spinning. 

688 Agonopterix heracliana, one of several, 9mm, larvae found spun up in Hogweed leaves in Scarr wood on June 12th 2010. The larvae make very large, conspicuous spinnings.

697 Agonopterix arenella, Bankhouse wood, Aug.17th 2010. Netted at dusk and still in good condition despite that.

701 Agonopterix ocellana, July 25th 2010. Reared from a larva inadvertently collected from Goat Willow by the towpath at Salterhebble earlier in the summer. This is my only record. 
A very nice surprise when it emerged as I had no idea that it was this species. This now made it four agonopterix species reared in the year, plus another one found, (A.arenella above).

702 Agonopterix assimilella larva on Broom, Norland moor, May 20th 2010.

702 Agonopterix assimilella, June 8th 2010. Reared from the larva pictured above.

713 Agonopterix angelicella, June 24th 2010. Reared from larvae found on Hogweed at Copley meadow.

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