GEOMETRIDS: 91 - 140

70.091 Northern Spinach at North Dean wood by Norland Clough, July 15th 05.

70.091 Northern Spinach to MV light at Turgate Delph, Norland on July 17th 2022.

70.092 Spinach larva, Apr. 28th 09. Found at Skircoat Green allotments feeding on red currant.

70.092 Spinach  pupa, May 25th 09. Reared from the larva pictured above. The detailed wing pattern is clearly visible through the pupal case just hours before the emergence.

70.092 Spinach May 25th 09. Reared from the larva pictured above. An adult was seen at the same site the following year.

70.093 Barred Straw to MV light at the Cabin, Cromwell Bottom, July 1st 2018.

70.094 Small Phoenix at North Dean Wood by Norland Clough, May 19th 09. Captured by day.

70.095 Red Green Carpet at Mayroyd, Hebden Bridge, May 20th 08. Trapped by Winston the previous night.

70.095 Red-green Carpet to MV light at my Luddenden Foot garden on Oct. 8th 2021.

70.096 Autumn Green Carpet to light at the Royal Calderdale Hospital, Oct. 7th 09. Captured by day.

70.097 Common Marbled Carpet  larva, found on Honeysuckle in North Dean wood on Apr.25th 2014. It's a final instar larva about 30mm in length and it's pink, purple and green colours provided excellent camouflage among the foodplant.  

70.097 Common Marbled Carpet  May 10th 2014. Reared from the larva pictured above above.

70.097 Common Marbled Carpet larva, May 17th 08. Swept from Heather in North Dean Wood by Paul Talbot earlier that month.

70.100 Green Carpet, North Dean wood, July 5th 05. A recently emerged moth as the vivid green soon fades.

70.101 Mottled Grey at Norland Village, Mar. 31st 2010. Captured by day.

70.105 Northern Winter Moth larva, found on Goat Willow at Copley meadow, May 17th 09.

70.105 Northern Winter Moth (female), Oct.28th 2011. Reared from a larva found in North Dean wood in late Apr/early May. My first view of one of the flightless female "winter moths". The larvae were commonly found in North Dean wood in the spring.

70.105 Northern Winter Moth, reared from larvae as above. Not a flightless female this time but a newly emerged male yet to expand his wings, it had me a little confused for a while.

70.105 Northern Winter Moth - male at the sphagnum bog, Cromwell Bottom, Nov. 1st 2018. A field observation on Bramble.

70.106 Winter Moth - female, Dec.6th 2018. Reared from a larva collect from the Blackthorn hedge by the weir at Cromwell Bottom in May this year. They may be flightless but they sure can run fast.

70.106 Winter Moth, Bankhouse wood, Nov.16th 2010. Photographed at dusk during an unsuccessful attempt to find the flightless females. 

70.107 November Moth at North Dean Wood, Oct. 4th 09. Captured by day.

70.114 Small Yellow Wave to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, June 1st 2019.

70.121 Scallop Shell one of two to light at the cabin at Cromwell Bottom, July 14th 2018.

70.130 Chimney Sweeper, Copley meadow, June 11th 07. A daytime observation. Up to 15 counted here on a good day in June 2007.

70.131 Twin Spot Carpet, at the base of Shackleton Knoll, Hardcastle Crags, Aug.18th 2012. A daytime observation on a dry stone wall.

70.133 Small Rivulet to MV light at Hollas Lane nature reserve on July 23rd 2021.

70.138 Sandy Carpet to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, June 1st 2019. One of four that night.

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