GEOMETRIDS: 1776 - 1886.

1776 Green Carpet, North Dean wood, July 5th 05. A recently emerged moth as the vivid green soon fades.

1777 July Highflier larva, May 17th 08. Swept from Heather by Paul Talbot earlier in the month. Commonly found spun up in Bilberry leaves especially around Norland.

1777 July Highflier, June 8th 2010. Reared from a larva found near the Calder at Sterne Bridge in May.

1799 Winter Moth, Bankhouse wood, Nov.16th 2010. Photographed at dusk during an unsuccessful attempt to find the flightless females.

1800 Northern Winter Moth larva, found on Goat Willow at Copley meadow, May 17th 09.

1800 Northern Winter Moth (female), Oct.28th 2011. Reared from a larva found in North Dean wood in late Apr/early May. My first view of one of the flightless female "winter moths". The larvae were commonly found in North Dean wood in the spring.

1800 Northern Winter Moth, reared from larvae as above. Not a flightless female this time but a newly emerged male yet to expand his wings, it had me fooled for a while.

1809 Twin Spot Carpet, at the base of Shackleton Knoll, Hardcastle Crags, Aug.18th 2012. A daytime observation.

1811 Slender Pug nectaring on Ragwort at Tag meadow, July 25th 2017.

1817 Foxglove Pug found in the greenhouse at home, Apr.17th 2014. An early emergence no doubt because the pupa prematurely warmed up inside the greenhouse. 

1834 Common Pug nectaring on Ragwort at All Saints' graveyard on Aug. 5th 2017.

1852 Brindled Pug, North Dean wood, Mar. 29th 05. A daytime observation on Silver Birch. 

1861 Bilberry Pug, June 6th 2016. Reared from a larva in spun Bilberry leaves at North Dean wood on May 16th earlier that year. It constitutes the first record for Yorkshire with previous records from Strensall Common being removed due to their origins not being confirmed.

1862 Double-striped Pug, the garage, Mar.25th 09. Captured by day.

1870 Chimney Sweeper, Copley meadow, June 11th 07. A daytime observation. Upto 15 counted here on a good day in June 2007.

1881 Early Tooth-striped, North Dean wood, Apr.18th 06. A day time observation on Elder.

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