4.032 Coarse Hazel Pygmy (Stigmella floslactella) mine in Hazel found on Arthur Stott's plot at Skircoat Green allotments, Nov. 6th 2010. 
It was an unkempt plot to say the least but it did have some benefits.

4.034 Small Beech Pygmy (Stigmella tityrella) mines and larvae in Beech at Brearley wood, Nov. 16th 2022. The larvae typically mine between the veins unlike S.hemargyrella.

4.034 Small Beech Pygmy (Stigmella tityrella) larva and green island mine in Beech at Ogden Water on Oct. 16th 2021. No coiled frass anywhere in the mine separates these mines from S. hemargyrella.

4.034 Small Beech Pygmy (Stigmella tityrella) mine in Beech alongside Ectoedemia argyropeza in Aspen at Exley Bank wood, Siddal on Nov. 20th 2016. Two examples of the "green island" effect created by feeding larvae to keep the leaves edible even after they've fallen. The latest explanation is that it's caused by bacteria in the mouth of larva.

4.035 Sallow Pygmy (Stigmella salicis) mine and larva in Sallow by the towpath at Moderna, Mytholmroyd on Aug. 3rd 2023. The egg was laid on the underside.

4.035 Sallow Pygmy (Stigmella salicis) mine and larva in Sallow, Tag Loop, Oct. 16th 09. It is assumed to be this species but because of a recent taxonomic split there is some doubt.

4.036 Bilberry Pygmy (Stigmella myrtillella) mine on Bilberry at a bridle path at Norland village, Aug. 13th 2017.
I've spent quite a while over the years searching for this miner after Paul Talbot had so much success finding mines at several sites around Calderdale. Finally, after a walk up to Norland village on a glorious summer's day I came across this one in among the countless, fungal infected Bilberry leaves. As Paul rightly said, it's best searched for on south or south-east facing slopes.

4.038 Willow Pygmy (Stigmella obliquella) mine and dead larva on Crack Willow, Elland Bridge, July 18th 2017.

4.039 Black-poplar Pygmy (Stigmella trimaculella) vacated mine in a poplar species at Park Wood Crematorium, July 28th 2010.

4.040 Aspen Pygmy (Stigmella assimilella) mine in Aspen by the towpath at the Moderna business park at Mytholmroyd on Oct. 26th 2022. Just the slightest hint of a green island betrayed the presence of the mine.

4.040 Aspen Pygmy (Stigmella assimilella), a close-up of the mine above. The egg was laid upperside by the mid-rib. Unfortunately the larva was parasitised and there was a dead wasp pupa inside.
4.041 Barred Rowan Pygmy (Stigmella sorbi) mine and larva in Rowan, North Dean wood, June 22nd 09. Easily told from other mines on Rowan by the initial gallery suddenly widening to a blotch.

4.041 Barred Rowan Pygmy (Stigmella sorbi), Norland Bilberry slopes, Apr.9th 2011. One of two captured by day as they flew in the mid-morning sunshine. Thanks to Harry Beaumont for checking this one out.

4.043 Red Elm Pygmy (Stigmella lemniscella), mine and larva in Wych Elm, Birdcage Lane, Oct. 28th 2010.

4.043 Red Elm Pygmy (Stigmella lemniscella), Apr.16th 2011. Reared from mines in Wych Elm found at Bankhouse wood the previous October. Frustratingly this one wouldn't stay still long enough for a decent shot and when Stigmellas   take flight they can easily disappear in to the tiniest of nooks and crannies (or just in to the ether it seems!). It's always a worry that you can so easily lose one that you've just spent 6 months rearing. 

4.044 Double-barred Pygmy (Stigmella continuella) in Downy Birch, Norland Bilberry slopes, Sept. 27th 2017. Note the "dead blob" start to the mine and the green/brown frass completely filling the mine.

4.045 Golden Pygmy (Stigmella aurella)  mines in Bramble by the towpath above Cromwell Bottom on Feb. 22nd 2016. A common but often photogenic mine.

4.045 Golden Pygmy (Stigmella aurella)  mines and cocoons on bramble, Apr.10th 09. 
The mines were found in North Dean wood a few days earlier. When rearing Stigmellas it's worth checking the leaves after the larvae have vacated the mines in case they have pupated on them instead of the substrate provided.

4.045 Golden Pygmy (Stigmella aurella)  mine and larva in bramble at North Loop, Cromwell Bottom on Feb. 11th 09. Found on a cold, wet, miserable day but the rewards a month later were well worth it (see below).
4.045 Golden Pygmy (Stigmella aurellacocoon and empty pupal case, Mar.11th 09. A fantastic sight which immediately indicated that my first attempt at rearing a Stigmella species had been successful. Reared from the mine pictured above.

4.045 Golden Pygmy (Stigmella aurella), emerged from the pupa pictured above on Mar. 11th 09. 
At 3mm long it looks nothing more than a tiny black fly in flight but in close-up it has a lovely metallic sheen with a variety of colours.

4.045 Golden Pygmy (Stigmella aurellaMar. 28th 2019. Found crawling up the inside of my kitchen window late afternoon. Easily overlooked but still distinctively moth-like on close inspection.

4.054 Least Thorn Pygmy (Stigmella perpygmaeella), a vacated mine in Hawthorn, New Lane, Sept. 23rd 09. The diagnostic yellow larva with a pale brown head was observed under a microscope chewing out an exit hole and vacating the mine. This is the only time I have witnessed this behaviour.

4.055 Beech Pygmy (Stigmella hemargyrella) mine and larva in Beech, North Dean wood, June 8th 09. The distinctive coiled frass is clearly visible in the central part of the mine.

4.055 Beech Pygmy (Stigmella hemargyrella) in Beech by the towpath above Cromwell Bottom, Nov. 28th 2016.

4.055 Beech Pygmy (Stigmella hemargyrellamine in Beech along with a Stigmella tityrella mine on the right by the towpath near Tenterfields business park, Luddenden Foot on Nov. 10th 2022.
The photo demonstrates well Hemargyrella's habit of crossing veins where as Tityrella usually stays within them.

4.055 Beech Pygmy (Stigmella hemargyrella) cocoon spun on the side of the rearing jar, June 12th 09. Reared from mines in Beech found at North Dean wood earlier that summer.

4.055 Beech Pygmy (Stigmella hemargyrella) June 23rd 09. Reared from the cocoon pictured above. 

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