1887 Clouded Border, Milner Royd ponds, May 14th 07. A daytime observation.

1894 Latticed Heath at Copley meadow, June 3rd 2018. A daytime observation - spotted by Andy Cockroft. Not a common species here.

1894 Latticed Heath at Copley meadow, June 12th 2018. A daytime observation.
1913 Canary-shouldered Thorn, one of several to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, Aug. 3rd 2018.

1919 Purple Thorn at roadworks over the towpath at Salterhebble, May 9th 08. Captured by day.

1917 Early Thorn (female) resting openly in the steady rain at Tag meadow, May 18th 2013. Possibly just emerged as it's in pristine condition and I can't think why else it would be out on such a mucky day!

1923 Feathered Thorn, a 55mm larva, May 12th 09. Found at the old sewage works at West Vale on Sallow.

1923 Feathered Thorn (male), Stoodley Glen, Oct.27th 2012. A daytime observation. Quite a productive search for the time of year with 4 Winter Moths and a November Moth also seen.

1926 Pale Brindled Beauty, North Dean wood, May 11th 2011. Found by day on Silver Birch. This larva was soon devoured by a parasitic wasp larva.

1931 Peppered Moth, June 19th 2013, photographed on the lid of it's rearing box. It was found as a pupa that I dug up at my workplace in Sowerby Bridge on June 5th. Whilst tidying the car park of weeds and debris I unearthed around a dozen moth pupae but thinking they were the usual Large Yellow Underwings, Angle Shades or common dart species I left most of them alone. However I did find one that looked a little more thickset than the others so I decided to rear it through, which is simple to do. I placed it in a plastic box with holes punched in the sides and lid for ventilation. I lined the floor with kitchen paper to stop the pupa rolling about and lightly misted it with water every morning. The sides and lid of the tub are rough up with sandpaper to give the freshly emerged moth some purchase to dry and expand it's wings. Fortunately my hunch was correct and it was something rather nice, only my second ever Peppered Moth and my first away from a light trap.

1932 Spring Usher (male) at Bankhouse wood on Feb.16th 2018. At daytime observation. 

1933 Scarce Umber, Callis mill, Hebden Bridge, Nov.10th 04. Captured by day.

1935 Mottled Umber larva found by day on Elm on New Lane, May 8th 2011. The larvae are quite common and easy to find on a variety of broad-leaved trees at this time of year. 

1935 Mottled Umber (adult female), Nov.3rd 2011. Reared from larvae collected in Apr./May from various broad-leaved tree species. Perhaps the most reliable way of seeing the flightless adult females.

1947 Engrailed, Hardcastle Craggs, Mar.20th 2011. A night time observation on Scots Pine during a moth trapping session.

1951 Grey Birch, North Dean wood, Apr.16th 2007. A daytime observation on Silver Birch. Nice camouflage and well done me for finding it!

1952 Common Heath (male), Norland moor, May 10th 05. A daytime observation among Bilberry and Heather. A very common day flier here.

1956 Common Wave, North Dean meadow, June 29th 06. A daytime observation.

1957 White-pinion Spotted, the top of North Dean woods, June 8th 2016. Found resting in the long grass, netted at dusk.

1961 Light Emerald larva, Norland village, Apr.24th 2012. Found by day. Note the vestigial prolegs on abdominal segment five. A useful ID feature.

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