1526 Small Skipper, the old sewage works at West Vale, June 30th 06.

1526 Small Skipper, Copley meadow, July 30th 2012.

 1531 Large Skipper, Tag Loop, June 15th 06.

1555 Green Hairstreaks mating among the Bilberry, Pecket Well, May 20th 08. Found by fellow moth-er Winston Plowes.

1557 Purple Hairstreak, New Lane, Aug.24th 2012. Captured by day and my only record. A worn and battered individual no doubt washed out of the canopy by heavy showers that morning and found resting on a drystone wall.

1557 Purple Hairstreak, Aug.24th 2012. Same butterfly as above slowly opening its wings to reveal  a trace of the remaining purple scales on the upperwing.

1561 Small Copper, Mathew Laithe near Lobb Mill, May 31st 2014.

1574 Common Blue (female), Tag Loop, July 9th 08.

1574 Common Blue (female), Tag Loop, June 15th.

1580 Holly Blue, the garden on leylandii, Apr.17th 09. One or two records in an average year - often in gardens. 

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