TORTRICIDAE: 153 - 221

49.153 Bilberry Marble (Apotomis sauciana), captured by day at Norland Bilberry slopes, Aug. 4th 2009.

49.154 Woodland Marble (Orthotaenia undulana), a field observation at North Dean meadow on June 14th 06.

49.154 Woodland Marble (Orthotaenia undulana), a field observation at North Dean meadow on June 6th 2005.

49.155 White-backed Marble (Hedya salicella) by the towpath at Elland by-pass on July 2nd 2017. A field observation on Sycamore.

49.156 Marbled Orchard Tortrix larva found spun up in a Prunus tree at Carr Hall Lane, Stainland, Apr. 17th 2019.

49.156 Marbled Orchard Tortrix  (Hedya nubiferana) May 7th 2019. Reared from the larva pictured above.

49.157 Plum Tortrix (Hedya pruniana) May 22nd 2018. Reared from a larva spun up in Blackthorn leaves at Norland moor on May 10th the same year. The larva is a distinctive, bright green with a dark head.

49.166 Common Marble (Celypha lacunana) North Loop compound, June 14th 2014. A field observation.

49.166 Common Marble (Celypha lacunana) North Dean wood, June 29th 06. A field observation. A very common polyphage, I think this one must have been here all night as it's covered in dew.

49.178 Cowberry Marble (Stictea mygindiana) feeding signs on Cowberry, Norland Bilberry slopes, Mar. 28th 2010. Leaves spun together by these larvae are a common sight here.
49.178 Cowberry Marble (Stictea mygindiana) found in Cowberry spinnings at Norland Bilberry Slopes on Mar. 19th 2016.

49.178 Cowberry Marble (Stictea mygindiana) pupa spun up in a Cowberry leaf on Mar. 27th 2016. Reared from the larva pictured above.

49.178 Cowberry Marble (Stictea mygindiana) Mar. 23rd 2010. One of several reared from larvae found spun up in Cowberry leaves from Norland Bilberry slopes earlier in the month. A rarely recorded moth despite being a common species at this site, no doubt down to a distinct lack of recorders on the higher moors and heaths.

49.183 Smoky-barred Marble (Lobesia abscisana), one of three to MV light at Hollas Lane nature reserve on July 23rd 2021. One of the smaller tortricids with a forewing of just 6mm.

49.188 Bordered Marble (Endothenia marginana), two larvae in a Teasel seed head, Feb. 19th 2011. The seed heads were collected from Tag Loop earlier in the year and identified by the info on UK moths here:

49.188 Bordered Marble (Endothenia marginana) pupa, Apr.11th 2011. Gently tearing the Teasel seed head apart reveals a neatly concealed pupa.

49.188 Bordered Marble (Endothenia marginana) adults emerging, Apr. 24th 2011. Having collected just seven seed heads there was a concerning appearance of no less than 12 parasitic wasps. I needn't have worried though because by the time the twentieth moth had emerged I'd had enough and put the seedheads outside in the garden and let nature take its course.

49.188 Bordered Marble (Endothenia marginana) - female, one of many across the North Loop site at Cromwell Bottom on the evening of July 25th 2017.

49.194 Rush Marble (Bactra lancealanaat Hollas Lane Nature Reserve, Copley, June 1st 2018. Disturbed by day - a field observation.

49.200 Cherry Bark Moth to sugar in the garden on Sept. 12th 06. Photographed at dusk.
49.200 Cherry Bark Moth (Epinotia tetraquetrana) feeding signs on Bird Cherry at Lower Scar Bottom wood, May 20th 2020. Distinctive reddish frass ejected by the larva.

49.211 Bilberry Roller (Ancylis myrtillana) at Norland Bilberry slopes, May 27th 2010. Netted by day and extremely restless during its photo shoot, probably because it's usually active by day. This can be a very common moth here found on practically every Bilberry bush.

49.214 Common Roller (Ancylis badiana) at North Loop, Cromwell Bottom, July 25th 2017. A field observation on Yarrow. An abundant moth here in the evenings at the moment no doubt taking advantage of the vast swathes of Red Clover.

49.214 Common Roller (Ancylis badiana), Cromwell Bottom, May 9th 2005. A field observation on Bramble.

49.221 Northern Bell (Rhopobota ustomaculana) mine in Cowberry at Norland Bilberry slopes on May 4th 2016.

49.221 Northern Bell (Rhopobota ustomaculana) mine and larva, details as above.

49.221 Northern Bell (Rhopobota ustomaculana) mine on Cowberry, details as above. The larva has cleared the mine of frass and deposited it at the entrance to the mine.

49.221 Northern Bell (Rhopobota ustomaculana) larva Mar. 30th 2016. Found in spun Cowberry leaves at Norland Bilberry slopes earlier that month.

49.221 Northern Bell (Rhopobota ustomaculana) June 6th 2016. It was reared from a larva in spun Cowberry leaves found at Norland Bilberry slopes on May 4th that year

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