3.001 Orange Swift (female) to MV light at the cafe area at Cromwell Bottom, July 21st 2019.

3.001 Orange Swift (male) to MV light at Gauxholme, Todmorden on July 31st 2021.
Seen at one of Cath Baker's moth breakfasts.

3.002 Common Swift to MV light at Mirey Wall farm near Sowerby on June 18th 2022.

3.003 Map-winged Swift, one of several to MV light at Blake Dean on June 7th 08. See below for the event photos.

Two of Calderdale's finest - Andy Cockroft and Brian Leecy setting up for a night's mothing at Blake Dean, June 7th 08. My first ever light trapping event!

And the light in action. The weather was so muggy that it proved not only very attractive to moths but midges as well, thousands of them. In fact the black patch under the light is made up of countless dead midges that flew in to the light, got zapped and dropped on to the sheet. As well as the countless bite marks, I woke the next morning to find three dead ones in my left eyelid!

3.003 Map-winged Swift  to MV light at Sarah Flood's at Cock Hill near Cragg Vale on June 16th 2022.

 3.003 Map-winged Swift  f. gallicus to MV light at Sarah Flood's at Cock Hill near Cragg Vale on June 16th 2022.

3.004 Gold Swift resting on a mossy trunk at Turner wood, Rishworth, June 17th 2017. Looking at the tufted apparatus extruded from the abdomen I'm guessing it's a calling female?

3.005 Ghost Moth female, North Dean wood, June 27th 05. A field observation inside a hollow tree trunk.

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