92 Rose Leaf Miner mines and larvae in Dog Rose, next to the towpath near Elland Bridge, Oct. 11th 2010.

92 Rose Leaf Miner mine and larva on the garden rose bush, July 23rd 2017.

92 Rose Leaf Miner, Aug. 12th 2017. Reared from the mine illustrated above.

92 Rose Leaf Miner as above. 

99 Stigmella hybnerella egg cases and mines on Hawthorn, New Lane, June 16th 2011. Microscopic detail  with back light showing the empty egg cases and the beginnings of the mines.
99 Stigmella hybnerella cocoon, June 17th 09. Reared from a mine on Hawthorn found on New Lane. A distinctive red cocoon spun on the wall of a rearing jar.
99 Stigmella hybnerella mine and larva in Hawthorn, Hollas Lane, June 28th 2018.

99 Stigmella hybnerella pupa, July 11th 2018. Reared from the larva pictured above. 

100 Stigmella oxyacanthella mine and larva in Hawthorn, New Lane, Sept.24th 09. ID features are coiled frass turning reddish brown, larva green and an autumn generation only.

103 Stigmella nylandriella, two mines in Rowan, North Dean, July 2nd 09.

111 Stigmella microtheriella, Aug. 2nd 09. Reared from a mine on Hazel on Arthur's plot, Skircoat Green allotments. Eight adults reared from 12 mines that summer was an incredibly good success rate, well, for me at least. At 1.9mm in length this is the smallest moth I've photographed to date......

111 Stigmella microtheriella mines in Hazel, by the towpath at Elland Bridge, Nov.28th 2016.

111 Stigmella microtheriella mine in Hornbeam, by the towpath at Sowerby Bridge, Nov. 15th 2017.

112 Stigmella luteella mine and larva in Silver Birch, North Dean wood, Oct.13th 09. Note the contorted start to the mine and the green gut line of the larva. The number of features to aid the identification of mines seems endless.

113 Stigmella sakhalinella mine in Silver Birch at Copley meadow, Sept. 9th 2017.
I had a pop down to Copley to see the instalment of the bridge at North Dean after the last one was severely damaged by the Boxing day floods. On route I stopped off at Copley meadow and got caught out in a torrential downpour. Whilst sheltering under a Silver Birch tree I noticed this mine. Straight away I knew it was something good - the coiled, brown frass throughout is a  good pointer. Unheard of in Yorkshire until 2010 it's still quite rare but I suspect more people are aware of it and searching for it.

114 Stigmella glutinosae mine and larva in Common Alder by the Calder at Copley village, Sept. 17th 2017.

116 Stigmella lapponica mine and larva in Downy Birch, North Dean wood, June 7th 2018. Note the cloudy green frass in the first third of the mine. It then suddenly turns linear and black, presumably coinciding with a change of instar.

116 Stigmella lapponica, North Dean wood, Apr.16th 2011. Disturbed and captured from Silver Birch by day. A typically small stigmella species with a wingspan of around 5-7mm. Thanks to Harry Beaumont for identifying it.

117 Stigmella confusella mine on Downy Birch at Hollas Lane nature reserve, Sept. 2nd 2017.

117 Stigmella confusella, four mines in Silver Birch, North Dean wood, Oct.18th 2010. A similar mine to S.lapponica but the frass line is narrow and black throughout.

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