1159 Holly Tortrix, Shackleton Knoll, Hardcastle Crags, Aug.18th 2012. Captured by day. My only other record is at Norland Bilberry slopes on Aug.5th 09 despite it being a rather common species.

1165 Zeiraphera isertana, June 13th 2014. Reared from a larva found in spun oak leaves at New Lane on May 22nd the same year. This specimen had a beautiful greenish hue. 

1169 Gypsonoma dealbana, found at New Lane, Skircoat Green on Aug. 9th 2017. Captured by day.

1174 Notocelia cynosbatella at North Loop, Cromwell Bottom, June 2nd 2018. Captured at dusk. Distinctive, yellow/orange palps.

1177 Notocelia rosaecolana, May 19th 2014. Reared from a larva feeding on Dog Rose at Tag meadow on Apr.21st the same year. The intricacy of the markings of some of these torts never fails to amaze.

1183 Epiblema foenella, the old sewage works at West Vale, July 19th 06. A satisfying, early morning shot of an adult resting on its larval foodplant, Mugwort.

1200 Eucosma hohenwartiana at Copley meadow on July 14th 2017. The only moth seen there on a cold, drizzly day but especially satisfying as it's resting on its foodplant - Black Knapweed.

1201 Eucosma cana at North Loop, Cromwell Bottom, June 10th 2018. A field observation on Yarrow.

1205 Bud Moth, May 30th 2018. Reared from a larva found spun up in Blackthorn leaves at Park Wood Crematorium at the beginning of the month.

1216 Cherry Bark Moth, the garden, Sept.12th 06. Photographed at dusk feeding on sugar. 

1219 Lathronympha strigana, the former sewage works at West Vale, July 2nd 06. A field observation.

1233 Pammene aurita, found sheltering under a Sallow leaf in the steady rain by the towpath near Elland on July 28th 2010. Captured by day.

1234 Pammene regiana larva disturbed from its cocoon. Found under Sycamore bark by the towpath near Cromwell Bottom on Feb.22nd 2016.

1234 Pammene regiana larva and two cocoons - details as above. Cocoons were found under most pieces of bark examined, all but two contained dead larvae or nothing at all.

1234 Pammene regiana, May 1st 2016. Reared from the larva illustrated above.

1234 Pammene regiana, May 1st 2016. Adult and empty pupal case.

1241 Grapholita compositella  at North Loop, Cromwell Bottom, July 25th 2017. A field observation. Colin, Andy and myself had a wander around North Loop for the first time in a couple of years and were pleasantly surprised by the amount of  ground cover and planted trees on the site. There were vast swathes of Red Clover which accounted for the good numbers of Compositellas seen.

1241 Grapholita compositella  at Hollas Lane Nature Reserve, Copley, May 20th 2018. One of the smallest and most attractive of the Tortricidae.

1251 Grapholita jungiella, Copley meadow, Apr.30th 2014, a field observation. Numbers were comfortably in to double figures which was nice as this was the only moth species found here on the day.

1251 Grapholita jungiella, Copley meadow, Apr.16th 2014, a field observation. One of a dozen or so seen that afternoon flying in the warm sunshine.

1252 Grapholita lunulana, Milner Royd drain, May 14th 09. Captured by day. My only other record is of one from Tag Loop on May 17th 2011.

1255 Cydia ulicetana, Norland Bilberry slopes, Aug.5th 09. Netted by day.

1257 Pea Moth larva (on a pea!), Skircoat Green allotments, July 9th 2010. We usually find around a handful of affected pods each year from three rows of peas but timing can be crucial. Some later crops can land outside the Pea Moth's flight season altogether.

1257 Pea Moth, Apr.26th 2011. One of two reared from larvae found last summer (see above).

1260 Cydia splendana, the garden, Aug.16th 2012. Captured by day. 

1261 Codling Moth, feeding signs on apple found at Skircoat Green allotments, Sept.8th 2015.

1261 Codling Moth in the garden, June 21st 2017. A field observation.

1272 Pammene aurana nectaring on Hogweed at Cromwell Botton LNR on June 25th 2017. Top of my target species to find ever since Paul Talbot searched unsuccessfully and Colin Duke found one here a few years ago. The Mirid bug Grypocoris stysi looks on.

1274 Dichrorampha alpinana, the garden, July 24th 2010. Netted by day on Chasta daisies. 

1279 Dichrorampha acuminatana, the former sewage works at West Vale, Aug.22nd 06. A field observation.

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