TORTRICIDAE: 222 - 291

49.223 Holly Tortrix at Shackleton Knoll, Hardcastle Crags, Aug. 18th 2012. Captured by day.  

49.224 Bud Moth May 30th 2018. Reared from a larva found spun up in Blackthorn leaves at Park Wood Crematorium at the beginning of the month.

49.230 White-blotch Bell (Epinotia trigonella) found in grass at the base of a birch tree at Norland moor on Aug. 23rd 2017. Captured by day.

49.231 Large Birch Bell (Epinotia brunnichana), North Dean meadow, July 12th 06. A field observation in the early morning gloom.

49.233 Variable Bell (Epinotia solandriana) June 13th 2011. Reared from a larva found rolled up in Downy Birch leaves in North Dean wood. 

 49.234 Brown Elm Bell (Epinotia abbreviana), one of two pupae found spun up in Hogweed leaves under a Wych Elm at Lower Scar wood, May 25th 2014.

49.234 Brown Elm Bell (Epinotia abbreviana) June 8th 2014. Reared from the pupa pictured above.

49.238 Willow Tortrix May 26th 2009. Reared from a larva found on Sallow at Copley meadow on May 1st that year.

49.240 Common Birch Bell (Epinotia immundana) at Norland moor on May 26th 2010. Captured by day. 

49.244 White Sallow Bell (Epinotia subocellana), a field observation at North Dean meadow on May 26th 06.

49.245 Square-barred Bell (Epinotia tetraquetrana), one of three to MV light at Turgate Delph, Norland on May 15th 2022. 
The straight inner edge to the dorsal blotch and two dark, dorsal marks are useful identification features.

49.245 Square-barred Bell (Epinotia tetraquetrana), eggs. One of the moths mentioned above laid eggs in a specimen pot and their development was photographed through a compound microscope at 80x. Initially all kinds of weird geometric shapes appeared before the larva was fully formed.

49.248 Nut Bud Moth a field observation in the dawn gloom at North Dean meadow on July 21st 2006.

49.248 Nut Bud Moth, a field observation at Tag meadow on July 6th 2018. Seen quite commonly by day here.

49.249 Small Birch Bell (Epinotia ramella) netted at dusk at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, Aug. 3rd 2018.

49.254 Crescent Bell (Epinotia bilunana) to MV light at Cromwell Bottom, June 2nd 2018.

49.255 Grey Poplar Bell (Epinotia nisella) Crow Wood park, Sept. 15th 04. A field observation and my first ever photo to appear on the internet all those years ago.

49.255 Grey Poplar Bell (Epinotia nisella) to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, Aug. 4th 2018. A dark form of this variable species.

49.255 Grey Poplar Bell (Epinotia nisella) of the form decorana to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, Aug. 24th 2019.

49.260 Cock's-head Bell (Zeiraphera isertana), June 13th 2014. Reared from a larva found in spun oak leaves at New Lane on May 22nd the same year. This specimen had a beautiful greenish hue. 

49.265 Hoary Bell (Eucosma cana) at North Loop, Cromwell Bottom, June 10th 2018. A field observation on Yarrow.

49.266 Bright Bell (Eucosma hohenwartiana) at Copley meadow on July 14th 2017. The only moth seen there on a cold, drizzly day but especially satisfying as it's resting on its foodplant - Black Knapweed.

49.269 Marbled Bell (Eucosma campoliliana) at Cromwell Bottom on July 2nd 2017. Caught at a trapping session the night before by Barry Nield et al.

49.279 Common Cloaked Shoot (Gypsonoma dealbana) found at New Lane, Skircoat Green on Aug. 9th 2017. Captured by day.

49.286 Knapweed Bell male (Epiblema cirsiana), a field observation on knapweed at Copley meadow, May 14th 2019.

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