NOCTUIDS: 148 - 193

73.154 Dusky Brocade  to MV light at Brown Scout quarry, Widdop, June 22nd 2018.

73.154 Dusky Brocade to MV light at Sarah Flood's garden at Luddenden Dean on July 15th 2021.
A highly variable species, I would never had ID-ed this one without the aid of Charlie Fletcher.

73.156 Clouded-bordered Brindle, North Dean meadow, June 14th 05. Disturbed by day - a field observation . Although very common to MV light traps this was quite an exciting find back in the day.

73.158 Rustic Shoulder-knot to MV light at Turgate Delph, Norland on May 15th 2022.

73.160 Slender Brindle, North Dean meadow, July 21st 06. A daytime observation.

73.162 Dark Arches feeding on a sugar mixture in the garden on July 26th 2006.

73.163 Light Arches, one of four to MV light at Mirey Wall farm, Sowerby on July 10th 2021.

73.168 Double Lobed in the garden greenhouse, June 21st 06. It was found in a bag of ornamental grass clippings from the garden pond which the larva was probably feeding on. 

73.169 Common Rustic  female found nectaring on the garden Buddleia after dusk on Aug. 12th 2019. Gen det. (CS).
73.169 Common Rustic agg.  nectaring on the garden Heleniums prior to flight, Aug.1st 2017. Bit of a fluke this shot as it took flight a fraction of a second before I pressed the button.

73.170 Lesser Common Rustic, a male to MV light at my new place in Luddenden Foot on July 28th 2022. Of five Common Rustic aggs. collected for examination that morning four were Commons and one was a Lesser. They were four males and one female.
73.171 Rosy Minor to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, Aug. 18th 2018.
 73.172 Cloaked Minor nectaring on Ragwort at All Saints' graveyard on Aug. 5th 2017.
73.173 Marbled Minor male to light at Cromwell Bottom NR, June 30th 2018. Gen. det. (CS).

73.173 Marbled Minor to MV light at Mirey Wall farm near Sowerby on June 24th 2022. Gen. det. (CS).

73.174 Tawny Marbled Minor to MV light at Cock Hill farm near Cragg Vale on July 9th 2022. Gen. det. (CS).

73.175 Rufous Minor to MV light at Mirey Wall farm, Sowerby on July 10th 2021. Gen. det. (CS).
73.176 Middle-barred Minor to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, June 16th 2018. A male, gen. det. (CS).
73.180 Barred Sallow at Gosport Clough on Oct. 20th 2018 It was found during a fungi foray by an obliging Halifax Scientific Society member. A daytime observation on a Beech leaf which also happens to be it's main foodplant. 

73.181 Pink-barred Sallow on the roadside at West Vale on Oct. 14th 2016. A daytime observation on a dry stone wall.

73.187 Brown-spot Pinion to MV light at my new place at Luddenden Foot on Sept. 21st 2021. Just 7 moths so far in 3 hours trapping over three nights :-(

73.188 Flounced Chestnut, one of four to MV light at Norland moor on Sept. 10th 2021.

73.189 Red-line Quaker to light at Norland moor on Oct. 9th 2021.

73.189 Red-line Quaker larva found on spun Sallow leaves at Copley meadow, Apr. 27th 2009. Not reared through.

73.190 Yellow-line Quaker feeding on a sugar mixture at Gorpley Clough, Oct. 26th 2008.

73.192 Brick (left) and Chestnut feeding on a sugar mixture, Gorpley Clough, Oct. 26th 2008. 

73.193 Lunar Underwing captured by day at Ali Galbraith's garden in Mytholmroyd on Sept. 23rd 2021. 

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