NOCTUIDS: 2160 - 2261

2160 Bright-line Brown-eye larva, found on cabbage at Skircoat Green allotments, Sept.4th 2010.

2160 Bright-line Brown-eye, Apr.22nd 2011. Reared from the larva pictured above.

2166 Campion in the garden, June 5th 05. A field observation.
2176 Antler Moth inside the cabin at Cromwell Bottom, Aug. 3rd 2018. No doubt attracted to one of the lights on.

2179 Pine Beauty, to MV light, Hardcastle Craggs, Mar.14th 2014. The brick red form.

2182 Small Quaker, one of several to MV light at Broadhead Clough, Apr. 11th 2009.

2187 Common Quaker, Feb.14th 2011. Reared from a larva found on Sallow next to the towpath at Salterhebble the previous summer. Note the distinctive band on the rear end of the larva.

2188 Clouded Drab, Feb. 11th 2011. Reared from a larva found on Sallow by the towpath at Salterhebble the previous spring.

2189 Twin-spotted Quaker at New Lane, Mar. 22nd 2010. Captured by day.

2189 Twin-spotted Quaker emerging from the its pupa, Feb.2nd 2011. Reared from a larva found on apple in the garden on June 1st 2010.

2190 Hebrew Character to MV light at Broadhead Clough, Apr. 11th 2009.
2193 Clay, one of three to light at Cromwell Bottom NR, June 30th 2018.

2197 Southern Wainscot to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, July 21st 2018.

2198 Smoky Wainscot resting on Silver Birch and showing its distinctive, dusky hindwing. A field observation at night at Tag meadow, Cromwell Bottom, July 25th 2017.

2198 Smoky Wainscot at Cromwell Bottom dipping ponds, July 5th 2018. Disturbed from the long grass - a field observation.

2214 A shark species presumed to be a  Chamomile Shark in the garden on June 19th 2012. Resting on my outdoor thermometer. Not much to go on with this worn specimen other than a forewing length of 21mm. 

2236 Pale Pinion on the bridge parapet at the river Calder at Copley, Sept. 11th 2006.

2241 Red Sword-grass, New Lane, Mar 7th 06. A field observation in the steady drizzle. Other records are singles at Skircoat Green in 2012 and  Jan. 21st 2014 and one near Heath Lane, Halifax in Dec. 2013. All were resting openly on dry stone walls.

2241 Red Sword-grass, Gorpley Clough, Oct.26th 08. This one is feeding on a sugar solution at dusk.

2243 Early Grey, New Lane, Apr.20th 2014. A field observation of one typically resting by day on a wall or fence.

2254 Grey Chi at Rishworth golf course at Norland on Aug.12th 2013. A pristine moth resting openly on a dry stone wall by day.

2256 Satellite, Gorpley Clough, Oct.26th 08. Photographed feeding on sugar at dusk.

2256 Satellite (deceased) on the garden lawn after a recent thawing of snow and a particularly cold snap.

2258 Chestnut in the garden feeding on a sugar solution in the garden, Sept. 28th 2006.

2258 Chestnut, Bankhouse wood, Oct.14th 2010. Nectaring on Ivy blossom at dusk.

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