6.005 Birch Lift (Heliozela hammoniella) mine and cut-out on Downy Birch, Norland Bilberry Slopes, Oct. 8th 2017. The larva mines the petiole then in to the mid-rib and finally the leaf blade. It excises the blotch mine it creates before falling to the ground to pupate. It leaves behind a neat oval encompassed by a dead, brown "lasso". It was interesting to dissect the mine tracing the tunnel of frass back to the base of the petiole.

5.001 Sorrel Bent-wing (Opostega salaciella) to MV light at the Warden's cottage at Hardcastle Crags, July 21st 2017. The eye-caps are modified basal segments to the antennae in a similar way to the Nepticulids.

10.001 Oak Carl (Tischeria ekekebladella) mine in oak, Eaves Top wood, Nov. 23rd 2016.

10.001 Oak Carl (Tischeria ekekebladella) mine and larval chamber in oak, Norland village, Feb.2nd 2012. Carefully peeling back the chamber wall reveals an overwintering larva.

10.001 Oak Carl (Tischeria ekekebladella) Apr.3rd 2010. Reared from mines found in oak in N.Dean wood the previous October.

10.003 Bordered Carl (Coptotriche marginea) mine in bramble, Tag meadow, Cromwell Bottom, Mar. 22nd 2018. In late winter the mines are usually bleached white by the elements. These mines are typically blotch shaped with random fingers protruding in to the leaf blade. 

10.003 Bordered Carl (Coptotriche margineamine and larva (to the right hand side of the mine)  in bramble, Bankhouse wood, Feb.7th 09. A strange experience searching for leaf mines while there's still a good covering of snow on the ground.

10.003 Bordered Carl (Coptotriche marginea), May 1st 2014. Reared from a mine in Bramble found in Long wood on Mar.14th the same year.

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