62.072 Meal Moth to MV light at the cafe area at Cromwell Bottom, Aug. 3rd 2018.

62.001 Bee Moth - a female and larval cocoons on June 1st 2020. It was reared from a colony found in bird nest box which was subsequently taken over by Tree Bumblebees. The larvae spin extremely tough, tightly packed, communal cocoons within which they pupate. There were several dozen moths that had already emerged so "rearing" them was straightforward.
The colony was located at a private school at Hanson Lane and donated to me by Steve Blacksmith who gardens there.

62.001 Bee Moth - a close-up of the female above.

62.001 Bee Moth - male the house wall, July 10th 06. A field observation.

62.029 Dotted Oak Knot-horn (Phycita roborella) to MV light at Hollin Hall, Hardcastle Crags on July 27th 2022.

62.029 Dotted Oak Knot-horn (Phycita roborella) to MV light at Hollas Lane nature reserve on July 23rd 2021.

62.035 Grey Knot-horn (Acrobasis advenella) larva originally found on Blackthorn but refused this in captivity and is now feeding on its stated foodplant Hawthorn. Collected from Park Wood Crematorium, May 7th 2018.

62.035 Grey Knot-horn (Acrobasis advenellalarva, details as above. A few days later and a better shot of a markedly different looking instar. I hope I can rear it through, it's been 10 years since my last new Pyralid moth!

62.035 Grey Knot-horn (Acrobasis advenellalarva digging down to pupate on May 16th - details as above. Unusually for a micro it needed some slightly damp potting compost to encourage it to burrow down.
UPDATE: Unfortunatey the larva was parasitized and did not survive despite spinning a tough little subterranean cocoon.

62.035 Grey Knot-horn (Acrobasis advenellaone of three to MV light by the cabin at Cromwell Bottom, July 14th 2018.

62.042 Thistle Ermine to MV light at Cromwell Bottom, June 2nd 2018. More coarsely and sparsely spotted than the other "ermines".

62.048 Ash-bark Knot-horn (Euzophera pinguis) to MV light at my new place in Luddenden foot on July 20th 2022.

62.059 Small Clouded Knot-horn (Phycitodes saxicola), one of two females netted at dusk in the garden on July 24th and 26th 2019. Both gen. detted. by myself with the slide preparation below.

62.059 Small Clouded Knot-horn (Phycitodes saxicola), slide preparation (details as above).

62.064 Cacao Moth (female) netted after dusk in the garden, July 29th 2019. Another interesting Pyralid in the garden and another chance to practise my pretty basic dissection skills. See below.

62.064 Cacao Moth, dissected reproductive bits showing the minute spines along the anterior half of the Ductus Bursae which I think is the diagnostic feature for this species. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to gain an insight in to the inner workings of moths and also not having to rely too heavily on the dissection experts who I'm sure are already extremely busy at this time of year.

62.064 Cacao Moth - a close-up of the spines illustrated above - quite possibly the smallest objects I've ever photographed - up until now.

62.065 False Cacao Moth (Ephestia woodiella) to MV light at the cafe area at Cromwell Bottom, Aug. 3rd 2018. Gen. det. by Harry Beaumont and a first for VC63 and second for Yorkshire.

62.062 Indian Meal Moth on the drive way, May 14th 08. Captured by day. This is my only record.

45.010 Beautiful Plume in the garden on Apr. 23rd 09. Captured by day. One or two most years either in the garden or on the allotments.

45.004 Triangle Plume pupa, May 13th 08. Reared from a larva found at Brookfoot Loop in the seedhead of Coltsfoot.

45.004 Triangle Plume, May 23rd 08. Reared from the pupa above.

45.008 Yarrow Plume, one of several at Hollas Lane nature reserve on July 23rd 2021. Gen. det. (CS). One or two came to light but most were seen dancing around in the herbage.

45.013 Twin-spot Plume at the the old sewage works at West Vale, July 19th 06. A field observation.

45.030 White Plume at a bus shelter at Old Town, Hebden Bridge on July 23rd 2022. It was attracted by the overnight light along with Poplar Hawkmoth, Flame Carpet, Single-dotted Wave and Small Phoenix.

45.030 White Plume to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, June 26th 2021. It didn't enter the trap but was netted as it flew on by.

45.044 Common Plume nectaring on Ragwort at Tag meadow, Cromwell Bottom, July 25th 2017.

45.044 Common Plume, Skircoat Green allotments, June 23rd 07. A field observation. A lot less commonly seen since the eradication of most of the bindweed on the site.

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