66.007 Northern Eggar larva at 21mm, Norland Bilberry slopes, Oct.10th 09. I over wintered it outside at this stage where it would not feed again until the following March.

66.007 Northern Eggar larva and moulted skin, Apr.13th 2010. After hibernation it began to feed up slowly on Ivy leaves. Each moult was preceded by 3 days of inactivity; it had appeared to have duplicated itself after this one.

66.007 Northern Eggar larva at 56mm long, May 29th 2010. Final instar length nearly 60mm. As it grew larger I could hear it munching the Ivy leaves from across the room and also the frass pellets as they hit the bottom of the plastic pot at regular intervals.

66.007 Northern Eggar outer cocoon, June 25th 2010. After 3 months of feeding it finally spun up ready to pupate.

66.007 Northern Eggar inner cocoon, July 20th 2010. The inner cocoon was extracted from the loosely spun outer cocoon and was over wintered again, this time as a pupa.

66.007 Northern Eggar  (male), May 22nd 2011. Finally, after caring for it for 19 months the moth emerged safely overnight. A lengthy rearing process the likes of which I'm unlikely to ever try again (hopefully...)

66.007 Northern Eggar larva at 16mm in length, swept from Heather at Norland Bilberry slopes, Mar. 22nd 2016.

66.007 Northern Eggar cocoon at Jumble Hole, Apr. 25th 2016 found by Brian Leecy. The two small holes are exits made by parasitic wasp grubs. The cocoon contained a dead larva.

66.008 Fox Moth larva feeding on Heather on Norland moor, Aug. 30th 2017. First time I've recorded this species in Calderdale.

66.008 Fox Moth, collected by day from Oxenhope moor by Chris Eastwood, Sept.18th 2016. It was given to me to rear through - not a successful venture to say the least.

66.008 Fox Moth larva as above, Sept. 23d 2016. After leaving its food alone for a day or two the reason why was soon clear - grub after grub of a parasitic wasp began emerging from larva, 24 in all. 

The parasitic wasp Cotesia gastropachae which emerged from the Fox Moth larva above, Oct. 1st 2016.

68.001 Emperor Moth cocoon, Pecket Well, May 20th 08. An empty cocoon found by eagle-eyed moth-er, Winston Plowes.

68.001 Emperor Moth (female), Norland moor, May 4th 05. Standing out like a beacon in a sea of Heather this remains one of my most exciting finds ever and is still my only record.

68.001 Emperor Moth underside, details as above. Eye spots on the underside as well.
65.001 Scalloped Hook-tip to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, July 21st 2018. One of an impressive five making an appearance that night. 

65.005 Pebble Hook-tip to MV light at Cromwell Bottom, June 2nd 2018. My first ever hook-tip - quite an exciting arrival.
65.005 Pebble Hook-tip to MV light at the cabin, Cromwell Bottom, July 21st 2018.
65.008 Peach Blossoms to light at Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve, June 2nd 2018. Because of a lack of available pots these two were put in the same container - with surprising results! 

65.009 Buff Arches, Bankhouse wood, June 27th 2010. Netted at dusk.

65.016 Yellow Horned, Hardcastle Craggs, Mar.15th 2014. One of two to MV light that night. Photographed on site.

65.016 Yellow Horned, same moth as above showing the orange rather than yellow "horns".

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